Epic proportions

Books and Bowling Shoes: My previously published story on the Norwegian Epic has come to life again as the lead story in the October issue of WatchBoom.  It was also carried on Linda Coffman’s prizewinning Cruise Diva site earlier in 2011. (Click on either to read.)


Cruisers from the NCL Epic ride a colorful jitney from the ship to the shore at Costa Maya, Mexico.
Nothing to do with the story. But here’s a little contest: NCL Cruisers can choose to take this colorful jitney on the long dock from the ship to the shore at Costa Maya, Mexico. You can click on Comment below to tell me why it looks like there’s nobody steering the thing! (I had to figure this out myself, and I took the picture!)
UPDATE: Gordon McBride of Wellington, New Zealand came up with the correct answer almost immediately. If you give up, click on the “comments” to see Gordon’s answer.



  1. admin says:

    That’s right. All those people seemngl in the first row are actually in the last row, facing backwards! Congratulations to the perspicacious New Zealander!

  2. Could it be, Bob, that the jitney is traveling the other way — that is toward the ship and not away from it?

  3. David Wishart says:

    Well said and done Mr McBride!

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