Bone leads in to the SATW coverage in New Zealand

On the eve of the November debut of the film, the “Rum Diary,” the TV3 network in New Zealand asked me to talk about my early friendship with Hunter Thompson. Then they ended up switching the mood entirely, using brief portions of the 15-minute interview to lead into coverage of the opening events of the annual meeting of The Society of American Travel Writers, held in Wellington. (I’ve been a member of that prestigious organization since the 1970′s.)

Later, NZ3 included both the short and the long version of the interview on its website. These may or may not be available indefinitely, of course. In any case, I have permanently preserved the air check video made by my brother-in law, Eric Cameron, in Rotorua. It can be seen by clicking here. (Give it a few seconds to load.)

I suggest not selecting the longer, perhaps more boring version of the interview, which is the second of two choices on the page, at least it is as long as this URL remains valid:—full-interview/tabid/420/articleID/232452/Default.aspx .

Hunter Thompson and Bob Bone in my Fiat 500 in Puerto Rico, 1959.

Johnny Depp's car in the Rum Diary, 2011.


  1. Maxine Cass says:

    What a great interview, Bob….a real pro interviewee, patient and responsive throughout your 15-minute stand-up interview. Particularly agree w/ your pull-no-punches about travel writing being a softball situation. Mahalo!

  2. John Mitchell says:

    Yes, great interview. I saw The Rum Diary a couple of weeks ago. There are some very funny scenes. Would definitely recommend it. I always liked those little FIAT 500′s.

  3. Laura Del Rosso says:

    Wonderful interview, Bob. What a great career that you’ve had. You know, those FIAT 500′s are back and as cute as ever. You’d really shake up Rossmoor with one!

  4. Bob Bone says:

    Thanks, guys. I didn’t think anyone would watch the 15-minute version! Aloha.

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