January 2012: Hawaiian Memories

Waimea Falls (Photo by Bone)

From 1971 until 2008 my family and I made our home in Hawaii. While living in Honolulu, I visited and revisited all the islands of the state many times, and turned out hundreds of travel articles for newspapers and magazines, many of them on Hawaiian subjects.

I also wrote four travel books including the award-winning Maverick Guide to Hawaii. The book was first published in 1977 and then revised annually for 25 years.The last edition was in 2002, after which it finally succumbed to the juggernaut of the internet.

This month I’m making a return visit to Honolulu in an effort to keep up on tourism-related changes, research a couple of brand new stories, and to visit many good friends.

The gradually expanding links here on this post will  reprise a former column on the Islands. It will consist of several short articles about the Aloha State.

1: Downtown Honolulu

2: The Park of Fire

3: Maui Captures the Sun

4: Kauai, a Place Apart

1 Comment

  1. Hope the nostalgia doesn’t get to you, amigos! Know it will be great for you to tramp those familiar places anew…! A, D & S

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